And the Winner Is….. Homeownership

The current housing market sees high mortgage rates, concerns about another recession and inflationary pressure. Even with these trends, it is a great time to buy a home because the long-term benefits are still worth it.

If you ask a homeowner who has had their home for 5, 10, or more years they will tell you they have no regrets. The main reason is due to the growth in a home’s value over time. According to Fannie Mae, seventy percent of those that were surveyed said that buying a home is a safe investment.

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) reveals how much homes have increased in price over the last five years. The highest overall increase was seen in the Mountain region at 68.9%. Next came South Atlantic with a 67.5% increase, then East South Central at 63%, New England came in with 57.5%, East North Central and West South Central at 51.8%, Middle Atlantic came in at 49.4%, West North Central with 48.8% and last is Pacific with 48%.

As far as the percent change in home prices was drastic. The highest was in the Mountain region at 457.5% and the lowest was in East North Central at 214.2%. The Pacific region had a 334.1% increase, South Atlantic by 320.4%, 302.4% in West South Central, West North Central 270.1%, and Middle Atlantic with 239.9%.

Talk to a Realtor who will help you with the options of purchasing a new home. They can also let you know the great long-term benefits of owning a home.

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