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What we start with at Hearthstone Homes by Ron Lee is an established floorplan designed by Ron Lee for other new, custom homes that have been built throughout West St. Tammany Parish.  These floorplans and renderings329-red-gum-dr-exterior-2 are presented to our clients with spec information about room sizes, amenities, appliances, and features.

Our floorplans have been vetted and “tested” thoroughly by our previous clients throughout the construction process, so they sometimes will contain notes and information that have been discovered while they were being built by Ron Lee.  As a Hearthstone Homes client,  you will have the peace of mind that your new home has not only been dynamically designed but also has been carefully and uniquely designed and built with the best and most affordably materials by one of the best builders in St. Tammany Parish.

Customization for Your New Home Can Include
Any Number of the Following Features

Exterior Finishes: You as the client can choose the brick, stucco, stone, wood or concrete siding, or real wood finishes that you would like including exterior colors and trim paint.  You also can request or suggest additional outdoor amenities such as a screened-in porch, outdoor kitchen, outdoor fire pit, or courtyard, to see if these types of additions would work with your existing floorplan.

Interior Finishes: If you decide to build a Hearthstone Home, you will have the opportunity to give your input on interior items, such as flooring, paint colors, trim design, accent wall materials, lighting choices, bathroom and kitchen fixtures, and new home appliances.  These types of choices are what make our Hearthstone Homes “semi-custom” homes – the variety and amount of choices available to our new home buyers.

Minimal Floorplan Changes: Want to add closet space, a mud room, a private “nook” office, a playroom or a working under-stair space for a dog house?  You have come to the right place!  At Heartstone Homes, Ron Lee has over 24 years experience designing and building fully custom homes.  If a space will fit on a floorplan, Ron Lee will find a way to “work it in” – even with an existing plan.


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So, if you are not looking to design a brand new floorplan from “scratch,” are wishing to have tons of input on how your dream home is designed and built, and want to work with a “can-do” builder who always goes the extra mile and finds ways to make your dream a reality, you will want to choose to work with Hearthstone Homes by Ron Lee to build your new home in St. Tammany Parish.

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