Secondary bedroom with a unique ceiling that has recessed lighting and a custom chandelier.

2022 Trending Home Designs

A nice master bedroom with french doors leading outdoors. The bedroom also has custom lighting and hardwood floors.With the new year comes new trends in home designs. Glen-Gery, a premier brick and stone manufacturer, says to consider incorporating materials like stone and brick, which bring color, texture and functionality while complementing some of this year’s leading design trends. Here are the trends for 2022 that Glen-Gery shares.

Warm Colors

This year the trend is using warming colors. These include beige, tan, caramel, cocoa and even black. Designers are beginning to take a shift from cool tones like gray to the warmer “coffee-inspired palette.” These colors give materials such as brick, stone, siding, doors and shutters a warmer feel.

Textures and Patterns

These are becoming a staple in the 2022 home designs. Texture can draw a person to a room by adding depth and complexity. Using brick or stone is a perfect way to provide visual texture to any space.

Outdoor Inspiration

This year’s design elements are nature-inspiring. Homes will have more glass that will bring in the natural light and nature scenes. During the stay-at-home orders from the pandemic, homeowners learned to use their homes for outdoor enjoyment as well as indoor enjoyment. Bringing the indoors outdoors is a big trend for this year. The transitional indoor-outdoor spaces are great for this trend. Indoor kitchens, fireplaces and electronics are popular for outdoor spaces.

Clean Lines

Clean line designs are a designer’s best friend this year. These clean lines make a space inviting, comfortable and serene. Glass and brick are great materials for this. They both can transfer light giving a space an illumination from a higher sheen which creates a sense of balanced calm and strength in a space.

Bringing On-Trend Design into Your Home

Brick is a great versatile material that can be added to any home design. Brick comes in tons of different colors, textures and sizes. From modern designs to traditional designs brick brings flexibility. Brick is also a material that is low maintenance, resilient, durable and ascetically pleasing.

If you are planning to build or renovate, these trends are a must to use. Following these trends will not only update your home but add value to your investment.

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