This kitchen features a nice kitchen island with custom lighting. The kitchen also has hardwood floors.

Several To Follow Tips For Single Homebuyers

This custom home features a nice white exterior with black trim.Just because you are single doesn’t mean owning a home is not a reality. In fact, Freddie Mac reported that 28% of all households are sole-person. That is roughly 36.1 million and is still increasing.

“Our calculation suggests that there will be an additional 5 million sole-person households in the United States by the next decade. This means 42% of the household growth will be contributed by sole-person households,” concludes Freddi Mac.

Here are several tips to follow if you are single and want to make the dream of homeownership come true.

1. Know Your Credit Score

When you purchase a home solo, you will only have your credit score to depend on. In order to qualify for a loan, you will need stable finances and good credit history. According to Investopedia, since lenders are only looking at one score it needs to be in tip-top shape. They recommend reviewing your credit report before starting the lending process.

Knowing where your credit score falls will help your decision on if and when you should take that leap of faith in purchasing. If your credit is not so good, focus on improving it before starting the home buying process.

2. Explore Down Payment Options

A down payment is another factor to consider. If you do not have enough saved up, there are down payment programs that can help you determine how much and how to save for a home. A loan officer can help you determine which loan program best suits your personal financial needs.

3. Think About Your Future Home and Your Needs

There are so many homes to choose from when it comes to styles and options. Spend time thinking about what type of home will fit your lifestyle. Here are some questions to think about when considering what type is best for you. Do you want a short commute to and from work? Do you want a big yard for a pet or space for outdoor entertaining? Do you want an extra bedroom for guests? Do you want a home office due to working from home? Do you want a condo with lower maintenance than a detached home?

The process seems daunting and can be a challenge but with a Realtor on your side, it becomes a much easier process. A professional sales agent can help you make the best choice for the right price.

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