The Southern Hotels’ New Addition to Gloriette

Gloriette is the newly renovated restaurant located in The Southern Hotel in Covington. The restaurant will now have a new chef. The new executive chef will be Alex Harrell.

Harrell is no novice to the industry as he comes from the Virgin Hotel’s restaurant Commons Club. Before that, he was well known for his own restaurant Angeline and was also the executive chef at Hotel Peter & Paul in Marigny. He is excited to be on the Northshore so he will be closer to more of his vendors.

“It gets me closer to some of the farmers that are on the north shore and explore what’s there for growers and producers. It’s an opportunity to explore a different part of the area and meet and get to know a different part of the clientele,” Harrell explains.

Gloriette has a perfect local atmosphere that just gushes Southern Louisiana. This makes it a perfect place for locals to go for a night out on the town. The food is a nice mix between classic French and contemporary Louisiana flavors. It has a nice garden theme that blends into the hotel setting.

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