NOW IS a Good Time to Invest in a Home in Louisiana!

Economists forecast that Louisiana will show growth and stability, while most of the other states show losses during this national recession period.

The United States will experience “a relatively shallow national recession lasting about one year, “ and during that time, Louisiana will have near level job growth in 2009 and a gain of 28,400 jobs in 2010 according to the Louisiana Economic Outlook.

(Report submitted in October, 2008 by LSU Economist Loren Scott, James A. Richardson, M. Dek Terell of LSU, E. J. Ourso College of Business)

According to the report, Louisiana has avoided problems in the housing crisis because the state’s banking industry did not get into the sub-prime loans that helped stall bank-to-bank lending.  Also, housing prices have not been artificially elevated in the state, thereby creating a housing bubble that burst in states like California, Florida and Nevada.

Investing in Real Estate is Historically One of the Safest Financial Investments.

Even in down markets, over the long term home prices still appreciate more than the stock market.  Homeownership can help you build long-term wealth.  On average, the value of a home nearly doubles every 10 years.  In fact, over the past three decades, home values have increased an average of more than 6% per year.*

(*figures obtained from the National Association of Realtors)

Interest Rates are Low.  Loans and Tax Credits are Available.  Selections are Great!

Because of the cool-down in the national real estate market, interest rates have been lowered to encourage activity.  Louisiana’s banks and lenders have available cash to loan to home buyers with good credit.  At the same time, qualified, first-time buyers can receive a $7,500 federal tax credit for a limited time.

Good Selection, Tax Credit, Low Interest Rates, & Loans Available – What is Stopping YOU from Buying a New Home Today?

If you would like to build or buy a new home, now IS a great time to do it in Louisiana.  Take advantage of the financial stability of the state’s housing market in these uncertain economic times.  You can benefit from knowing the facts.

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