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Even Through Real Estate We Can Help Support Our Environment

The kitchen counters are solid and white that pops with the nice stainless steel applainces.The environment is precious to us and if we respect it, it will respect us. When we think of ways we can improve our footprint, most real estate transactions do not come to mind. Most realtors and those that are involved in some way with the National Associaton of REALTORS® (NAR) are familiar with the Preamble of the Code of Ethics.

“Under all is the land. Upon its wise utilization and widely allocated ownership depend the survival and growth of free institutions and of our civilization. REALTORS ® should recognize that the interests of the nation and its citizens require the highest and best use of the land and the widest distribution of land ownership. They require the creation of adequate housing, the building of functioning cities, the development of productive industries and farms, and the preservation of a healthful environment.”

“REALTORS® will have to make sustainability a primary focus — because our customers and our planet demand it,” states NAR 2022 President Leslie Rouda Smith.

Every way we can, we should think about how it affects the Earth. Real estate transactions should not only focus on the clients but on the impact, they will have on the land itself. Here are three aspects to think about when respecting our environment.

First, governance.

Decision-making is the first step to take when thinking about how a real estate transaction will affect the earth. The National Associaton of REALTORS® under the 2022 NAR Leadership Team has created the Sustainability Advisory Group. The group consists of all Chairs who sit on the Public Policy Coordination Committee and the National Association of REALTORS®’ Vice Presidents of Advocacy and Association Affairs. They are currently working on joining in a partnership with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to help keep those in the real estate industry up-to-date on how weather events affect housing and markets.

Second, resilience.

The National Associaton of REALTORS® is working on how it can change and sustain the environment. An example of what they are currently working in is the Flood Factor on This provides flood risk data on each listing, allowing property owners to accurately assess their risk and better prepare for future flooding events.  Another great example is NAR’s Smart Growth Grants and Placemaking Program. This program supports both state and local associations giving them the resources to build parks, trails, and community gardens. NAR is backing FEMA’s Risk-Rating 2.0 which helps with rating individual homes when it comes to flooding rather the rating flood zones. By doing this, homebuyers will have a better perspective on how flooding will affect the specific property they are looking to buy.

Third is environmental stewardship.

Data has shown that homebuyers will pay a premium for homes that are certified Energy Star or the National Green Building Standard. Realtors are also encouraging healthy green communities for homebuyers of all income levels and backgrounds.

If you are in the market for a new home, contact a Realtor who can help navigate the green housing market. Everything we do from the products we use to the homes we live in can impact the beautiful earth we live in.

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