Additions to the Kitchen That Are Eco-Friendly

If you are in the market to update your kitchen, why not update and go green? When updating your kitchen try to choose materials and appliances that help make your life healthier and more efficient. Choosing Energy Star-certified appliances will conserve water and energy. Here are several ways you can turn your dream kitchen into a green kitchen. The kitchen island does have everything and the kitchen sink. The kitchen sink is an apron sink.

1. Clean up with an energy-efficient dishwasher

Beko, a home appliance manufacturer, is known for its energy-efficient, sleek styles. They have several dishwashers that use 50% less water and 25% less energy but still clean as thoroughly as the U.S. standards for dishwashers. They do this by using their own CornerIntense sprayer which is a three-arm design that sprays water in a rectangular motion instead of the traditional circular spray. Beko also offers a feature that rinses the Beko EverClean filter which prolongs the life up to four times longer than manual cleaning. Not only do Beko’s energy-efficient models help with the environment, but they also look good and have a whisper-soft operating sound.

2. Grow Your Garden…..

Going green means you are shrinking your carbon footprint. A good way to start is by adding a countertop composter which will help reduce your food waste by around 80%! You will not only help the environment but will also deal with less trash that will end up in a landfill. If you are a gardener, this is a perfect way to get your nutrient-rich soil.

3. Find A Fresher Fridge

A fridge can become a smelly place pretty quickly. Beko’s French three-door Stainless Steel Refrigerator will help get rid of any old veggies or fruits that are smelly. This fridge comes with EverFresh + technology that copies natural lighting conditions which will extend the photosynthesis process inside your refrigerator. Your fruits and veggies can stay fresh and retain their nutrients for up to 30 days. The dual-cooling system also helps maintain the humidity levels which helps keep a freezer frost-free.

4. Stop With The Single-Use Soda Bottles

Add a SodaStream PET carbonating bottle to your list. This is a great way to create bubbles at home. This bottle can be reused for up to three years and it will save you from using thousands of single-plastic bottles which pollute and end up in our oceans.

5. Reclaim The Recycling Process

Unfortunately, even if you separate your recyclables, they are not guaranteed to end up being recycled. In fact, it has been said that up to one-third of what we put in recycling bins end up in landfills. Beko’s Lass at-home recycler is a great way to make sure this does not happen by finding a way for every scrap to be repurposed. When you toss a bottle, can, or other items into the Lass at-home recycler, it does the guesswork for you by using sensors to determine if the waste can be recycled. It also goes as far as to wash items that can be recycled, grind it down, and store the remaining materials. Although this product will not be for sale to the public until 2024, it can be reserved as part of Beko’s pre-sale phase.

6. Flex Your Green Thumb

A garden can be grown inside your home, using the AeroGarden by Beko. The machine uses little local flora for an indoor hydroponic herb garden. There is no experience necessary when it comes to gardening. You simply drop in seed pods and then just add plant food and water. The LED light and quiet water pump will do the rest until you have greens to eat such as basil, oregano, romaine lettuce and more.

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