Many people fear even starting a new kitchen renovation because of the hassle of not being able to access their kitchen while the construction is underway as well as the general messiness and inconvenience of having power tools, dust, and debris in the home during the project’s remodel.  However, when you hire Ron Lee Homes Remodeling to take care of your kitchen renovation, you can rest assured that the distress to your home will be as minimal as possible with an above-excellence result when it comes to totally redoing your kitchen.


Whatever your budget Ron Lee Homes Remodeling will be able to find the most updated, elegant, and practical cabinet layout for your new kitchen’s look.  We work with several different vendors and offer many different styles003 of cabinetry including real wood cabinets, glass-fronted cabinets, and even more modern metal and glass cabinets.  So whatever motif you are trying to achieve, Ron Lee Homes Remodeling can find, install, or build for you.


Selecting the perfect countertop material for your kitchen remodel is a breeze with Ron Lee Homes Remodeling.  We can help you get that “certain look” that you want and still stay within your budget.  You might be surprised by material that is now offered for countertops, some of which can even emulate the “real thing” when it comes to granite, marble, or stone if those actual materials are not within your budget.  The countertops and cabinetry can be matched perfectly by our design team and installed professionally by our experienced vendors who also do the new home installations for the custom homes built by Ron Lee Homes.


When designing a complete kitchen remodel, be sure not to forget about the lighting that will go into your new 004kitchen’s design.  Lighting can actually enhance or “make” a new kitchen renovation, and Ron Lee Homes Remodeling has access to several top-of-the-line lighting packages through several different vendors.  With hundreds of lighting fixtures from which to choose, we are sure that we can find that perfect look which will complete your kitchen’s ambiance.


If you are interested in completely transforming your kitchen’s look, you may want to modernize it with new kitchen fixtures such as faucets, sinks, drains, cabinetry knobs & handles, or even stand alone fixtures such as soap dispensers, towel racks, & sink containers for holding tools and utensils.  No detail is too small for Ron Lee Homes Remodeling – we enjoy picking out those perfect finishing touches to create a complete transformation of the “heart of your home” in your kitchen.


Since Ron Lee Homes Remodeling is a division of Ron Lee Homes, we work closely with appliance vendors to be able to purchase state-of-the-art appliances which come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to perfectly match your4-Lot 52 Windermere Studio Kitchen new kitchen renovation project.  These appliances come with the same builder discount we are able to get when building new, custom homes. So, when it comes to using a new home builder to do your complete kitchen renovation, you get all of the perks and discounts of working with a builder as well as the professional experience and expertise of a highly qualified interior design team as well.

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