Ron and Nancy Lee with Ron Lee Homes are actively involved with the real estate industry in St. Tammany Parish.  One of the unique qualities about the St. Tammany Parish Home Builders Association is that this organization supports a strong Sales & Marketing Council.  The Sales & Marketing Councils for home builders associations across the country have 3 very important goals for which they strive – education, recognition, and networking.  To that end, the Sales & Marketing Council (SMC) of the St. Tammany Home Builders Association has become actively involved in the education process of those builders and affiliates who wish to constantly educate and improve themselves with the latest technology and information provided by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

The NAHB offers the opportunity for its local home builders association members to achieve higher levels of real estate education called designations.  It offers members the opportunity to take these classes at locations both locally here in Louisiana as well as nationally. Recently, Nancy Lee achieved the NAHB designation of CMP – Certified New Home Marketing Professional.  In order to complete this education course, Nancy went through rigorous education classes and earned the nomination of a MIRM (a member who has achieved a Master in Residential Marketing designation) for her designation.  Below is a list of requirements and courses which Nancy was able to meet in order to achieve her CMP designation.

Certified Marketing Professional (CMP)

Understand how to manage the sales and marketing function for a new home community by taking the required Institute of Residential Marketing courses. With three years of new home marketing experience, you may boost your career further with the Certified Marketing Professional designation. CMP is the midlevel designation for IRM students who have completed the marketing intensive IRM courses I through IV.

Curriculum and Other Requirements:

  • Have at least three years of new home sales and marketing experience.
  • Complete the four IRM courses (see below).
  • Pass accompanying tests.
  • Earn 50 elective credits.
  • Complete IRM Professional Profile for CMP candidates (Six Steps to Professional Excellence).
  • Be sponsored by a MIRM or president of a local home builders association or Sales and Marketing Council chapter.

Required Courses:

  • Understanding Housing Markets and Consumers (IRM I) (SM 500)
  • Marketing Strategies, Plans and Budgets (IRM II) (SM 501)
  • Lifestyle Merchandising, Advertising and Promotion Strategies (IRM III) (SM 502)
  • The Challenge of New Home Sales Management (IRM IV) (SM 503)

Continuing Education Requirements:

  • Six CE credits every three years

Because of the requirements of the education and training, as well as the ongoing education courses, if you hire Ron Lee Homes to design and build your home, you can expect the very best home building knowledge as well as the latest real estate information there is in the market today.  If you are interested in discussing your new or custom home building process with Nancy Lee of Ron Lee Homes, Contact them today at 985-626-7619 or E-mail today!