How do you remodel with a tight budget when it comes to home improvement? Need to find ways to stretch the dollar when it comes to your remodeling plans? Here are five remodel ideas that will enhance the value of your home.

First and foremost, we start with the heart of the home – the kitchen. Whether you are remodeling for your personal enjoyment or for the resale of your home, it is best to keep a happy medium in your design ideas – unless you never plan on selling your home. A good way to keep remodeling costs down is to use your existing kitchen layout. A little makeover on countertops and cabinets can go a long018 way. Re-facing your existing cabinets can refresh the overall look of your kitchen. If your cabinets are just too old or not worth keeping, go with ready-to-assemble cabinets which cost half of what new custom cabinets will run you. Countertops can also eat up your budget. Using two different surfaces in your kitchen can keep the cost low. A good way to do this is to use a solid surface on your countertops while using butcher block on your island top. A great benefit for you as the homeowner as well as a potential buyer (if you are looking to sell) is to add Energy Star® appliances. This will not only help with the aesthetic look of the kitchen, but it will also lower your utility bills.

Second, you can never go wrong with adding more square footage to your living space. This will increase your home’s value as well as the quality of your living space. When adding living space, keep in mind the cost can add up. You will need to think about the cost of removing existing walls, moving / adding electric and or plumbing, adding to your foundation, adding a new roof, adding windows, and adding new exterior siding. A word to the wise, a successful addition looks like part of the original structure. Keep this in mind when planning the location, choosing materials, and adding to the existing roof line.

The third thing on the list is curb appeal. First impressions go a long way. The first thing anyone sees is your home’s exterior. There are many solutions to creating a great look for both your home’s exterior and landscape. Make sure your yard is clean and neat by cleaning out overgrown plants, bushes and trees. Painting your home’s exterior can update your home’s look by giving it a nice facelift. If the 027budget does not allow for a new paint job, a good pressure wash to your siding will dramatically change the outside appearance of your home. To take it one step further, you can add a new entry door, change out old windows, add a front porch, or add dormers which will give your front elevation a new look without completely renovating the whole exterior.

Fourth but oh so important, is the master suite. Anyone buying a home will tell you that their sleeping quarters are very important. If you already have a master bedroom, an update will boost its appearance, making it a more inviting space to spend time in. By doing a few simple things such as painting, replacing the flooring, adding new accessories, and changing the lighting you can create a whole new look to your master bedroom. However, be careful with the choice of paint colors. Muted but distinct colors fit best in a master bedroom for resale purposes. If you do not have a master suite, consider adding one. Things to contemplate when adding a master suite are the location of your new room, if you would like a sitting area, window and door placements, what kind of ceiling you would like, and your lighting.

The last remodel area is where we spend a great deal of time – the bathroom. If your budget is a concern, the focus should go to the powder room and master bathroom remodel first. Stick to the old floorplan. Removing walls, moving bathtubs, sinks and toilets can be a huge cost. Go for cosmetic changes. New paint, new plumbing fixtures, new tile and lighting can enhance your existing bathroom. A great way to stretch your dollar is to use a flat mirror with two lighted sconces instead of a mirrored cabinet with a row of lights. Use plain simple white tile in your shower with a glass colored border which gives it an updated look without spending huge bucks. Regarding paint, this is one area where big, bold colors are a great way to make a huge impact.

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