Suburbs Are The Place To Be

The National Association of Home Builders NAHB recently did a survey that revealed 25% of home buyers have changed their home buying preferences due to COVID-19. The survey found that home buyers are looking to the suburbs because of the health crisis. Thiry percent of buyers are seeking a home in the outlying suburbs. Before the pandemic, only 26% of home buyers wanted to purchase a home in the suburbs.

This does not bode for other locations. All of the other location points saw no change or small declines in buyer’s preferences after the onset of COVID-19. Rural areas went from 24% down to 23%, downtown in a central city, dwindle from 12% to 11% and those who desired a home in the central city outside of downtown remained at 9%.

Buyers should enlist the help of a Realtor. A local sales agent will know the suburbs and can help you find the perfect home of your dreams. They will be able to help find a home in the perfect community for the perfect price.

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