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St. Tammany Parish School District Approved Tax Renewals

Last month St. Tammany Parish voters voted on four property tax renewals for their school district. The voters approved the tax renewals which total 42.72 mills. The St. Tammany Parish School District will gain around $102 million dollars annually.

This sounds like a huge chunk of change, and it is, however it is just part of the school district’s approximately $453 million budget. The money pulled from the four taxes will go to things such as general school operations, employee salaries and student educational programs.

St. Tammany schools Superintendent Frank Jabbia is thankful that the four taxes generating the $102 million won by the voters. He said it would have been “catastrophic” if the four taxes were not supported by the community. The four taxes will not go into effect until 2023 and will stay in effect for 10 years. Nineteen percent of the 186,000 St. Tammany Parish voters voted on the four taxes.

The first proposition at 4.42 mills (bringing in around $10.52 million annually won by 54%. The second proposition at 32.41 mills (bringing in around $77.1 million annually) won by 55% of the vote, proposition three at 3.14 mills (bringing in around $7.4 million annually) received 54% of the votes and the fourth proposition at 2.75 mills (bringing in around 6.5 million annually won by 53%.

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