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Six Trends To Follow in 2022 When It Comes to Bathroom Designs

A bathroom especially the primary bathroom is a homeowner’s relaxing space. In fact, the key phrase for bathrooms for 2022 is “calming retreat.” Homeowners are looking for a space with mood-setting lights and unclutter spaces and simple tilework to set a tranquil mood. Professionals say there are six trends to follow in 2022 when it comes to designing your tranquil space.

1. Return of the Bath

Many people prefer showers and some prefer baths. Even if you are a shower person, 2022 is looking to bathtubs being the focal point of the primary bathroom. Especially in today’s uncertain times, homeowners are looking for ways to decompress and relieve the stress of the day. Bathtubs are a great way to take some time to yourself and relax.

“In past years, deck tubs were taken out to allow for larger showers, but I think adding a tub back into the bathroom will be on the rise in 2022,” says Susan Froehlich, co-owner and design and selections coordinator at Corinthian Fine Homes in Indianapolis. “While shower design was the ‘wow’ of the room in the past, tubs will take a bigger focus, with floor-mounted plumbing and two-toned tubs.”

2. Attention to Light

No one wants fluorescent lighting in the place they get ready in the morning for the day nor in the space, they relax in. Lighting needs to be right and is a priority when it comes to the 2022 bathroom.

“Lighting for bathrooms has definitely evolved beyond your basic overhead light,” says Sara English, lead designer at AMEK Design + Build in Bloomington, Minnesota. “Our designers are appreciating the range of lighting and finishes available to show clients for mirrors, sconces, chandeliers and beyond. It’s fun to remodel bathrooms and use lighting to change the whole feeling of the room.”

“While wall sconces continue to be the most popular lighting choice in 2021, we believe more thought will be given to additional ceiling lighting in 2022. Dependent on the height of the room, we are seeing more great choices for flush-mount or semi-flush lighting options. Various metal finishes will always be here to stay, but an increase in sparkle and glitz is on the rise next year,” Froehlich says.

3. Double Vanities

Today’s busy homeowners look to the bathroom as their own space. Having double vanities is a plus but having vanity storage space has become a priority of 2022.

”We believe these ‘his and hers’ vanities will differ in size and function in 2022,” Froehlich says. “More ladies are wanting a makeup vanity and drawers that fit all of their hair appliances, while the men want electric shaving and toothbrush charging built in.”

We are getting into more precise and thoughtful storage for items such as hair dryers, grooming devices, makeup and towels, etc.,” English says. “U-shaped drawers at the top of vanities take advantage of the often unused space around sink plumbing, and in addition, we are adding outlets to closets and drawers for recharging needs.”

4. Calming Retreat

Today everyone is busier than ever coping with everyday life on top of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having a space to escape to and decompress is very important.

“Bathrooms are definitely becoming spa-like retreats,” says Tess Ceron, designer and principal at Belle Decor & Design in Orlando, Florida. “For 2022, designs will be simplified, with muted color palettes and lots of texture and natural elements to instill a sense of tranquillity.”

“With the stresses of everyday life, homeowners are wanting their bathrooms to be their sanctuary,” Froehlich says. “We think it will be a place of calm and relaxation in 2022, with more soaking tubs and calming colors, such as blues and soft greens.”

5. Clean Lines

Professionals are saying that 2022 is all about streamlined fixtures and beautifully clean lines, with larger tiles, fewer grout lines and linear infinity drains.  Designers are seeing more wall-mounted faucets and seamless quartz countertops and backsplashes.

“The simple, clean lines that result give a heightened sense of sophistication without the stuffiness,” says Sara English, lead designer at AMEK Design + Build in Bloomington.

6. Luxury Showers

For the homeowners that like a shower over a bath, showers are still a key component in the 2022 bathroom designs. Features that we will now see will be twin shower heads, black instead of chrome hardware, built-in bench seats and larger door openings.

“Roll-in showers and grab bars will be considered the norm,” Froehlich says. “Most of our homeowners ask for a ‘spa-like’ bathroom to relax in and escape the busyness of life. It’s no longer just a space to get ready in the morning or brush your teeth at the end of the day. It’s a place to be enjoyed.”

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