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Several Questions To Ponder Before Buying a Home

Purchasing a home is one of life’s biggest and most stressful events. With that said, it is also one of the most exciting events. When it comes to advise, everyone has it and while friends and family have your best interest in mind, to make the best decision, you need to ask yourself these three questions.

1. What’s Going on with Home Prices?

Home prices are a big part of the housing market. Home prices directly affect how much it will cost you to buy a home and how much you stand to gain as a homeowner when prices appreciate. Waiting might not be in the best interest of the buyer.

The current market is seeing big home price surges and looks like they will continue. Keeping Current Matters reveals Home Price Forecasts for 2021. This is a good tool to use to predict just what it will cost you to buy a home. Today the average of all forecasts is 12.46%. This means a median-priced home that cost $350,000 in January of 2021 will cost an additional $43,610 by the end of the year. So in a nutshell the longer you wait to purchase a home the more it will cost you.

2. Are Today’s Low Mortgage Rates Going To Last?

Due to record-low mortgage rates, today’s market is booming. Interest rates also put a big dent in the market. The lower the rate the better the market, the higher the rate the slower the market. Just a slight increase can make a big impact on the overall cost of a home.

3. Why Is Homeownership Important to You?

The answer to this question is not the same for everyone. This is a personal decision and can only be answered by you. Financial benefits are important but emotional benefits are also. According to the 2021 National Homeownership Market Survey, there are nine reasons homeowners value homeownership.

These nine reasons directly affect how you feel about your home. Six of the nine reasons include stability, safety, a sense of accomplishment, a life milestone, a stake in the community, and personal pride. The National Housing & Financial Capability Survey from NeighborWorks America reports that Americans believe owning a home provides a sense of safety and security and an increase in financial stability.

Remember owning a home is a life-changing event and will have a big impact. This is a big decision and all options should be well thought out. Using a trusted Realtor can help you with the decision.

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