The Latest New Home Building Trends? At Ron Lee Homes, We Have Them!

Builders in St. Tammany Parish already seem to have a handle on new nationwide trends in home building that are being reported by media in other regions of the country.  A reporter in Pennsylvania from the Pittsburgh Tribune shared a few of his thoughts as to the trends of new home building not only in the Pittsburgh area but also nationwide.  We found it interesting that many of these trends have already been used by Ron Lee Homes in Covington, Louisiana at least for the last 10 years.  Below is a description of new home building trends according to an “expert.”

Modern Kitchens:
While the writer focused primarily on the installation of a new kitchen appliance called a steam oven – a new way to reheat food traditionally reheated in a microwave, he went on to expound on the fact that buyers prefer a more custom, high-end, possibly catering kitchen.  Some of the features added a standards in semi-custom and custom homes by Ron Lee Homes in their modern kitchens include solid granite, custom marble, or other custom material for the kitchen countertops.  Most of the cabinetry installed by Ron Lee Homes and Hearthstone Homes by Ron Lee in the kitchens that we design and build include real wood, 42” or bigger custom cabinetry.  These cabinets can have double or triple moldings, glass fronts, scrollwork, and even cabinetry installed to “hide” appliance doors such as refrigerators, icemakers, wine coolers, appliance garages, and microwaves.  Our modern kitchens come standard with an upgraded lighting package including the option to install lights beneath the cabinets above the countertops.  Our buyers are proud to utilize their kitchens for parties, events, full family meals, or just a family breakfast or dinner.  Ron Lee Homes more than excels at the concept of the home building trend of a modern kitchen.

Outdoor Features:
While the author from Pittsburgh includes exterior lighting, a patio, and front porch, he goes on to say later in the article that buyers prefer a home patio that has a deck and that an outdoor fireplace is also considered a luxury.  If you have ever toured a new, custom home built by Ron Lee Homes, you will know that we have knocked this feature “out of the park” for our new home buyers.  Our exterior finishes include gorgeous all-brick patios with either brick or stucco columns and either brick or paver flooring.  Our exterior fireplaces are practically award-winning in design and implementation to create a cozy yet stylish outdoor entertainment area.  Our electronic include upgraded exterior lighting as well as up to 3 ceiling fans for the covered patio areas because of the heat and mosquitoes that are prevalent in Louisiana in general.  Our front porches are exquisite with sultry deep South porch designs complete with either spindle fence design or gracious colonial columns announcing the entrance to the home.  We even have a secret weapon in our use of paint on the porch ceiling to discourage mosquitos or pesky love bugs from taking up residence on the porch.  When it comes to exterior amenities, Ron Lee Homes has gone above and beyond national home building trends.

High-End “Everything”
Home buying trends have indicated that single professionals, couples, and even families are choosing homes that are smaller with more amenities.  Instead of the affordable “big box house,” on 1/4 or 1/2 acre lots with 5 bedrooms, 4 baths, priced right at $200,000, buyers are being more choosy as to the quality of interior amenities of their home.  They are interested in the niceties that truly make the home sell for and maintain its value.  Some of these features include the flooring.  Instead of going for builder grade hardwoods and carpeting, buyers are opting for more expensive, popular, stylish, and tasteful choices in higher-end flooring.  Also, laminate is “out” both for flooring and for countertops where buyers are interested in tile or granite finishes for either.  Crown molding has become more of the norm instead of an upgrade, and buyers are taking an interest in their kitchens being functional and accessible with walk-in pantries and a necessary kitchen eating area either built-in or spaced for a kitchen table.  The trend, according to the author, is that new home buyers are sacrificing space for high-end, quality interior features for their new or custom-built homes.

Ron Lee Homes also offers green technologies in all of the homes that we build.  As a Certified Green Builder, we utilize the latest green technologies in building with energy efficient features such as double-insulated windows, spray foam insulation, energy efficient HVAC systems, structure and roofing technologies and so much more.  If you are interested in working with a builder in St. Tammany Parish that has already been building to the latest national trends for over 10 years, Contact Ron Lee Homes today at 985-626-7619 or e-mail for more information.

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