James Hardie® Siding Backed By Custom Builders

Living in the Southeast is wonderful with its four seasons. Having all four seasons can be challenging with humidity, moisture, and storms that can wreak havoc on a home’s exterior. Six top builders throughout the Southeast agree that James Hardie® has the solution to the Southeast’s climate and geography.

1. Todd Wilson

Todd Wilson, the owner of Wilson Design & Construction, Inc. in Valdosta, Georgia, shared with Southern Living his low country cottage project. He used Hardie® plank on the home’s exterior walls, Hardie® trim on the exterior casings, column wraps and beam wraps, and Hardie® soffit for the sheets that make up the cornice and porch ceilings. Hardie® is the best material to use on the exterior of homes in the Southeast because of the moisture, humidity, pests, heat and storms. The products can resist the harsh climate over time. He loves using the product because it is architecturally flexible and ascetically pleasing to the eye.

2. Mary-Dolph Simpson

Mary-Dolph Simpson of Simpson Builders, Inc. talks to Southern Living about Simpson’s Coastal Cottage build in Bay Creek, Virginia. Simpson’s custom builds are all located close to the Atlantic Ocean and the Chesapeake Bay. James Hardie® excels in making exterior siding and products that can replicate natural materials used to build here in the past, such as wood. Their products withstand our coastal Virginia environment and ensure that we can warranty the exterior envelope of a custom home.”

3. Chris Hoffman

Chris Hoffman with Southern Cottage Corporation in Davidson, North Carolina has a perfect example Hardie® siding on their Modern Cottage. The custom-build features Hardie® Plank Select Cedarmills siding along with Hardie’s Artisan Shiplap. “We also showcased classic mitered outside corners using a unique install method from James Hardie®. Busy families appreciate these high-quality, low-maintenance exteriors,” says Hoffman.

4. Chris Brooks

“We chose this product for its durability, ease of installation, overall curb appeal, and to carry out the architect’s vision in keeping with the historic nature of the surrounding area. The size and finish options available work well in the hot, humid climates where we build,” Brooks explains. Chris Brooks owns Structures by Chris Brooks in Moultrie, Georgia.

5. Mike Stevens

Mike Stevens Homes in Knoxville, Tennessee shares his Hardie® example with Southern Living. ” Our client for this build was a busy neurosurgeon who wanted a log maintenance home. We wanted to make a bold statement with the exterior color and this siding was perfect-it stands out against the natural backdrop yet blends in with the existing streetscape. We had lots of rain and red clay mud during the build; the protective film on James Hardie’s ColorPlus Technology finishes helped us overcome this challenge,” reveals Stevens.

6. Jamison Howard

Howard shares about a home in Awendaw, South Carolina that his company Max Crosby Construction built. The coastal environment is harsh on everything with the salty air and extreme weather patterns. It is critical to choose the right exterior building materials that will withstand hurricanes. Hardie® siding and materials are perfect for this environment. Hardie® is known for their durability in coastal areas as their products can endure extreme temperature swings.

If you are planning to have a home built, then choose Hardie® products to ensure your dream home is built with the top product.

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