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Doors for Open-Concept Living

Creating an indoor-outdoor living space gives you tons of natural light and fresh air and is especially perfect in warmer climates. Just like an open floor plan home, an indoor/outdoor living space is perfect for entertaining and creating additional living space. Today this can be done in most any climate with the innovative glass wall systems that bring in the sunlight and panoramic views. Here are some great reasons why you should consider these great doors.

Folding glass doors are perfect for those who want to let the outdoors in as they are easy to work and let you enjoy the outdoors and indoors all at once. There are tons of glass door designs to choose from with the latest offering more glass and less frame for streamline design and uninterrupted views. Today’s folding door is not like the hard-to-pull bulky doors of yesterday. The folding doors of today have a contemporary simple design with concealed handles and hidden hinges.

“Large opening wall systems bring in natural light and fresh air and also help blur the line between interior and exterior spaces. When choosing a wall system, most customers are looking for products that offer more glass, slim profiles and sleek design,” says Tim Kelting, general manager at LaCantina Doors.

Folding doors are perfect for an open concept living because they open up your indoor space to include your outdoor space. These doors can also create bigger openings than regular patio doors and you can use the whole open space because there are no fixed panels.

“In comparison to traditional sliding doors, folding doors allow you to sacrifice interior space needed to create a pocket. In addition, folding doors are an aesthetically pleasing design element that’s both versatile and functional, making them an optimal solution,” says Kelting.

The latest folding doors by LaCantina Doors come in many looks and different designs. The range of looks will fit most any interior and exterior of your home. The hardware comes in stainless steel, bronze and black hardware finishes and there are several frame choices. The doors come in aluminum, wood, clad wood and vinyl in tons of colors.

You can open up your doors and let the indoor and outdoor space become one in for tons of entertainment space during nice weather. The glass folding doors will also give your interior extra protection from harsh elements with their updated energy efficiency. These glass doors will insulate from both cold and hot temperatures with thermal breaks helping to limit condensation.

“LaCantina’s V2 Folding Door uses a thermally controlled aluminum material, designed for climates where you want to keep either the cold or hot air out. It makes them the perfect choice for all climates and ideal for those months when the doors can be folded wide open to allow for fresh air throughout the home,” explains Kelting.

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