Custom Spec Home Built for Marie

Since Hurricane Katrina, I have been through many life-changing experiences; the last of which required that I find a home of my own.  Although the news was sad and devastating, I immediately thought of Ron and Nancy Lee whom I had known for nearly 15 years.  Ron Lee Homes has a reputation of honesty and fairness; their homes are meticulously designed and built.  Almost a year ago now, I called Nancy and told her that I had to buy a house.  My priorities were to buy a Ron Lee Home, to stay in Mandeville, and to buy a brand new home.  Once I was in Nancy’s hands, I knew I could relax.  She showed me three homes; all of them were beautiful.  However when I walked in the third one, I thought I was dreaming; I was in awe.  I felt as though the Dear Lord had saved this one for me.  It didn’t only look as if it had been custom-built, it looked as if it had been custom-built just for me, and all of my priorities had been met.

Needless to say, I bought the house.  It was so beautiful empty, but also so easy to decorate because of its up-to-date style.  I just love it!!!  Everyone who has seen it loves it!  I want everyone to see it, because it is my dream home, a dream -come-true home.  Obviously, I called the right builder, and I would strongly recommend Ron Lee Homes to anyone without a doubt because I wish everyone could be as “happy at home” as I am.

—Marie, Reserve