Cost-Effective Durable Alternatives to Hardwood Floors

Most everyone loves natural hardwood floors because they can bring beauty and charm to almost any space. The downside is their durability. Pets, kids and everyday wear and tear can wreak havoc on real wood floors. To get them back looking new is a feat within itself. There are several great alternatives that give the same look.

Scratch- and Water-Resilient Substitutes

This option is great for everyday wear and tear, spills, kids and pets. Laminate options not only look good but withstand water damage and scratches because they have extra protection. These floors look and feel like hardwoods but last much longer.

“Laminate’s core is made from wood byproducts,” says Randy Lovelace, executive vice president of sales and merchandising at Southwind Building Products. “It’s environmentally friendly but has extreme wear resistance.”

Long-Lasting Vinyl

Like laminate, vinyl is water-resistant and resists scratches, dents, and fading. Vinyl alternatives are much cheaper than hardwood floors and easier to clean and install. Experts say they can last up to fifty years or more! In fact, vinyl is a top choice for commercial buildings. Vinyl can look like hardwoods and can be installed by gluing down and click-together the pieces.

Waterproof Protection

Over time, hardwood floors can be severely damaged by even small sprinkles of water. Damage can consist of warping, buckling, and staining. Usually when this happens hardwood floors have to be completely replaced. Alternative flooring has several layers of protection which include a UV surface layer so they will not fade, a urethane layer to protect from stains and scratches, a dent-resistant film layer, several waterproof core layers, and an underlayer cushion.

Classic Color Options

Vinyl and Laminate flooring can come in many colors which resemble natural hardwoods.  One of the most remarkable things about today’s wood floor alternatives made of vinyl is their uncanny resemblance to the real thing. The latest products are designed to closely mimic the grains, colors and textures found in natural hardwood flooring.

If you are in the market for new flooring, check these products out. They are easy to install, easy on the pocket and great to look at. A great tip to follow is to find a style and color that compliment your existing home.

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