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Appraisal System Updating Is a Top Priority to Lenders

A farmhouse feel in this open floor plan home with a nice custom wood beam and fresh hardwood floors.The hot housing market has changed many things and one thing lenders want to see is appraisal modernization. According to a survey published in May by Fannie Mae, found that mortgage lenders see value in appraisal modernization, specifically in the implementation of non-traditional appraisals and inspection-based appraisal waivers. This was based on a survey conducted on senior mortgage executives. The survey concluded that 188 out of 200 (94%) feel that appraisal modernization will help reduce the loan origination cycle time.

The appraisal process time is one of the biggest obstacles the mortgage industry is facing. Right now, it is causing huge delays and higher costs. There are also fewer appraisers who are experienced in understanding more complex collateral assignments. Currently, the appraisers cannot get to all the houses that need to be appraised. Appraisal costs are going up due to the impact this has on the industry. The modernization will also amplify appraisal capacity and lower borrowing costs.

The survey also shed light on some other issues that are even more important for the lending industry. A digital portal for consumer loan applications was number one or two on many lenders’ lists. There were also concerns mentioned about roadblocks that challenged adapting new modernization tools. These were speed or lack of speed, of integrating these tools with loan originating systems.

The pandemic also has played a hand in the issues the industry is facing when it comes to appraisals. Hybrid appraisals are now allowed under the FHFA (Federal Housing Financing Agency). Appraisers can now conduct them remotely using public records (tax appraisals and listings) for purchase loans. HUD (Department of Housing and Urban Development) extended its timeline on using hybrid appraisals because of the impact from the pandemic.

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