Purchasing a home is a huge event in a person’s lifetime. There are so many steps and hurdles to go through and once the home buying process has ended, it is now time to focus on giving your home a personalized touch.

Your new home is a blank slate just waiting for you to design and create the perfect living space for your family. Here are some tips on how to get started during the first 30 days in your new home.

Take time to focus on your vision. Visualizing and planning your space is a very important step that you do not want to rush through. Do not rush to get everything set up in the space. Live in the space for a few days to plan the best path for each room. If kids are in the picture, give them the task of deciding on a theme for their new bedroom. Getting the whole family involved will make your new house feel like home for the whole family.

Use what you already have. This is a perfect budget-friendly way to personalize your new house. Find ways to use the furniture that you are bringing from your last home. Cherished memories are attached to many of our items. Using items that you already own makes your new house feel like a home.

Paint for today and tomorrow. Painting your entire home is a feat in itself. Once you have your vision, take smaller steps. Pick a few rooms to start with or accent walls and remember to paint for the future and not just today. Use a timeless color over a trendy color that will be out of style in a few years. Another quick and easy way to add your colorful mark on your new house is to paint the front door.

Choose decor that inspires. Choose decor with a meaning behind it. Something free can be just as priceless to you as something that is extremely expensive. Choose an item that says something to you and about you. Using objects that are important to you is a fantastic way to personalize your new home.

Buy some new basics. If you are moving into a larger space, you will need to purchase new furniture but this is not the only reason to purchase new items for your new space. Upgrading some of your old items will also add to your new vision for your home. This can be an expensive task so choose one or two items to splurge on within the first month.

Grow with the flow. As mentioned before, live in your home for a few days to get a feel of the space. In order for a new house to feel like a home, it needs to be lived in. Even though you have a vision for your space, that vision needs to be flexible. You will change and grow in your home.

Remember even though this seems like a huge undertaking, by taking small steps and following these tips, your new house will feel like a home in no time.

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