St. Tammany Parish school system has 55 school campuses with 39,000 students. The school system takes no cuts when it comes to safety. Currently there are 1,793 security cameras in schools and buses, perimeter fencing around all campuses, and visitor photo id systems in place at each school. This month St. Tammany Parish voters approved referendums “to pay for police officers and mental health providers on public school campuses.”

The new property tax, which 64% of voters supported, gives the school system money annually allotted from the new 2-mill tax. The money will pay for police officers and mental health providers at each school campus. Luckily the 2 mills will not cost St. Tammany homeowners additional tax money due to the School Board decision to cut 2 mills from the district’s tax rate.

Other outcomes of the May 4, 2019 voting were also positive. Sixty-five percent of the voters agreed to allow $175 million in bonds to go to St. Tammany schools for construction and technology purposes. Covington elected Mark Verret as the final member of the City Council. There was also a 10-mill, 10-year property tax for Lacombe area recreation renewed as well as a 5-mill, 10-year tax for the Pearl River fire district.

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