In order to be able to upgrade your existing home to a second or even new third home buy, you will need to be able to sell your existing home with home staging techniques.  It can be a hassle to constantly have your home “show-ready,” so you in order to get as quick a home sale as possible, you will want to use the following advice on tips and tools to prep your home for sale.

Every detail, no matter how small, is important when staging your home.  Buyers want to be able to picture living in the space. When deciding to list your house for sale, remember, you will sell your house faster, and for moreRon Lee Homes offers remodeling and renovation services in St. Tammany Parish money, if you add interior decorating techniques that will make a home buyer visualize each room of your home’s space.

When selling a home, first begin with the basics and begin with one of life’s necessary chores – cleaning.  A dirty house is not inviting to anyone. Wild paint colors can be a distraction.  You may love your home decorating skills but others may not. Repaint with neutral colors for a nice clean slate. One thing to think about before adding your new paint job is to make any necessary repairs to damaged walls or trim.

De-clutter your home. Think sensory overload – this is not what you want to create for your potential new home buyer. Small knickknacks create clutter which creates chaos. Simple clean lines create a calm inviting feel. Depersonalize your home for sale.  Remove all family photos, or collectables – you want a blank canvas for the buyer to fill in with their ideas to personalize the space and make this their new home. A clean, newly painted, de-cluttered and depersonalized house for sale will give you an edge over some of your competition.

Now, to win over all your competition you must go the extra mile. You want to “wow” your buyer in the first five minutes. If they walk through the door and think to themselves, “I don’t see it,” you have lost a potential buyer.  The following tips will help you stand out from the other houses for sale in your neighborhood.

    1. Ever hear the old saying, “Home is where the heart is”?  You want to entice your buyer to visualize the good life they would live in that space. Set up a board game in the family room or stage a potential garden party in the backyard with margarita glasses and festive linens.  You want your buyer to feel like they can sit down and relax in the space.
    2. Use the “Rule of Three” when redecorating for the sale of your home.  Remember, you want your home to look natural and flow.  Decorators will tell you that an odd number will give you a good balance.  Too much symmetry makes a space look too stale and too cold, basically uninviting. Barb Schwarz, owner of suggests, “When arranging tablescapes, go with three items of three different heights, in a triangle.”
    3. Keep your buyers focused on the space, not what’s in the space.  Do not leave any interesting reading material out for them to browse through, taking their mind off the task at hand.  If you choose to display any reading materials, a great idea is to use decorating, gardening or home magazines. Make sure any books or magazines that are displayed are appropriate and will not offend anyone, turning the buyer off.
    4. The master suite is one of the more important spaces in the house. Play the angles of a room and tastefully accessorize the space with stylish, if minimal decorations.  Putting furniture at an angle can break up a stagnant room.  Spruce up the master bed with decorative pillows. Think about how a luxury bathroom or spa is set up.  Take new thick bath towels and display them in the bathroom.  Tie the towels on the towel racks with raffia, tulle or thick ribbons.  Also place the towels on the edge of the bath with new soap and a loofah on top of them. Clean out your cluttered closets.  Only leave seasonal garments with matching non-wire hangers. Organize your shoes and have absolutely no dirty laundry visible.
    5. Another very important room is the kitchen.  You want the kitchen to feel clean and open.  You can do this by removing a lot of the stuff you normally use on your kitchen counters and just have basic decorative pieces such as plants, towels, some canisters, and maybe a cookbook. Clean out and organize your refrigerator, pantry, shelves and drawers; your goal is to have some empty space.  This gives the illusion that there is room to spare. Schwarz suggests, “My go-to touch is a white rectangular plate with three pieces of the same fruit spaced evenly on it–peaches, pears, apples.”  Let the buyer envision themselves cooking in the space with an open cookbook placed on an easel.

Remember you do not have to completely do an overhaul by renovating your home for sale or remodeling your home for sale.  By following the guidelines mentioned, you can accomplish a new look to your house. As a seller you want to master the “lived-in-without-looking-lived-in” look. Sellers can expect to experience stiff competition with other home sellers, so they should put their best and most creative “foot forward” when staging their home for sale.

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