Everyone wants to save money and have a little extra in their pocket each year. One way to do this is through saving on utilities. Energy-Efficient homes are the way to do this and here are some reasons why.

There are many benefits to owning an energy-efficient home. When it comes to utilities, 30% of homeowners say the cost to heat, cool and illuminate their home is expensive. Energy Star rated homes use 20% less energy according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Energy-efficient homes are known to sell faster and at a higher price than un-certified homes. Studies done by the National Association of Home Builders have shown that they can bring in on average about $5,000 more.

Energy-efficient homes are held to a higher standard. There are many certification rules and these can vary by region. The house itself is not the only thing that must be certified. Many contractors such as the HVAC contractor must have proper credentials and have EPA training. There is a close inspection of the homes lot design, home location, sustainability of building materials, and even access to alternative transportation to meet minimum standards.

These homes are in demand. James W. Mitchell, founder of Renewablue, a home energy consulting firm in Fort Collins, Colorado, believes that this is the only time someone will save money when borrowing it to purchase a home. When looking for an energy-efficient home look for keywords in listings such as “green”, use an “eco-savvy” agent, request past utility bills from the seller and consider an energy-efficient mortgage.

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