Many potential home owners have many different preferences when it comes to buying a home. According to the NAHB Economics team, millennials show an increase in interest in new homes built for sale and offered by a builder.

Statistics show that between 2007 and 2018, millennials who desired to purchase a new home, went from 28% to 41%. Existing homes stayed around 40% in the 11-year time span and custom-built homes fell from 37% to 18% during the same time span.

The data shows that millennials, at 41%, are the first in the running when it comes to wanting a brand new home offered by a builder.  The next generation for this preference was seniors coming in at 31%. The bottom two were baby boomers at 29% and gen x at 28%.

Several factors play into the desire for new homes for millennials. They want to live in the central city, which is opposite for the majority that still want to live in the suburbs. Millennials want a set of amenities that are not necessarily custom such as trash compactors, wet bars, built-in kitchen seating and an exercise room. Millennials are okay with smaller homes on smaller lots if they are able to get what they want in amenities and finishes.

Other data that was reported in the study looked at existing homes and custom homes built on owned lots. When it came to existing homes, baby boomers were the highest at 48%, gen x at 47%, seniors at 43% and millennials came in last at 41%. Those that desired a home custom built on an owned lot all hovered between 18% to 27%.

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