Felix’s is a staple on the French Quarter for those who are craving oysters and has been since the 1940’s. In 2012, Danny Conwill purchased the restaurant and has since franchised. Along with the original French Quarter restaurant there are currently two more locations, one in Gulfport, Mississippi and one on the New Orleans lakefront.

The new location in Mandeville plans to open in November 2019 in the Village Shopping Center (the old N’tini’s location). Robbie Orgeron, manager of Felix’s Restaurant Group is already staffing the new location.

While many characteristics in the old N’tini’s are still present, the interior of the restaurant was completely renovated. Orgeron said with this location they wanted to create a more open space for family and group dining.

“It’s the same Felix’s, but we’re designing it for the business we know is big here,” he said.

Dividing walls were taken down and replaced with a long banquette and bar and oyster counter. The dining room has a view to the grills where patrons can watch the cooks prepare their meals. Large TVs have been placed in the bar and dining room which will show games and other sporting events.

Mandeville residence can look forward to the bigger menu which is served in their lakefront location. There will be more entrees, and a range of seasonal boiled seafood such as shrimp, crawfish, blue crabs and crab legs(also steamed).

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