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City of Covington, Louisiana:

The City of Covington provides recreational opportunities and numerous special events that attract thousands of visitors annually. The Covington Three Rivers Art Festival is a major regional festival that attracts up to 30,000 visitors each November to view fine art and craftscovington displayed outdoors along six blocks of Columbia St. from the Landing to City Hall in downtown by 150 or more artists from across the nation. Covington is proud to boast that it is home to one of the state’s premier Farmers Markets. The Market is held each Wednesday and Saturday on the lawn of City Hall and has grown to annual gross sales of nearly $1,000,000. The Market not only offers a unique gathering and shopping place to residents and visitors, it has become a very successful business incubator and a strong factor in the preservation of small farms in our region. The Ozone Film Festival has joined the list of major special events and even Californians come to our film festival.  In 2003 Covington elected its first female mayor. The City has two female council members and the chief administrator, city planner, and city attorney are all women. We think John Wharton Collins would approve after benefiting from the perseverance and commitment of his own courageous mother. Click Here to visit the City of Covington’s website to learn more about its history, culture, business opportunities and quality of life. It’s all about progress and preservation.

City of Madisonville, Louisiana:

madisonvilleThis riverfront town is a small community along the Tchefuncte River. The area that is now St. Tammany Parish was first explored in 1699 by a French-Canadian, Pierre Le Moyne Iberville. He was also the first European to view Lake Pontchartrain. The Parish was named for Delaware Indian Chief, Tamenand. The area remained largely unsettled until 1785 when settlers from Georgia and the Carolinas came into the territory. Settlements were formed along the local rivers and bayous. Madisonville’s lifestyle is centered around a marine atmosphere. Many marinas and waterfront residences, not to mention the many seafood restaurants and festivals, make it not only a prime tourist area, but also a great place to live.

City of Mandeville, Louisiana:

At the end of the nineteenth century the railroads began to flourish and the boom began. Mandeville became the center for many events, such asmandeville the Retail Grocer’s Convention in l925, the annual Mandeville Bathing Beauty Contest, and the Fourth of July Celebration. The concrete seawall began construction in l913, because of the constant destruction of the wooden one by former hurricanes, including the one in l893. But before it could be completed, the hurricane of l9l5 caused waves to repeatedly smash the broken pilings against the seawall. Ironically the concrete seawall suffered much damage in the hurricane of l9l5 as well but was finally reconstructed.

The New Orleans CausewayAfter WWII, the long proposed causeway across the lake finally became a reality. With this bridge to New Orleans being completed, the dream of many New Orleanians to move to the North Shore and commute across the lake was finally coming true. The impact of the causeway’s completion and the second span was phenomenal and is still being recorded, as our census tolls are reaching new heights year after year.

It was recorded in l902, that in all of the state of Louisiana, there was not a more beautiful place than Mandeville. Time has been gracious to Mandeville, and its beauty still abounds. It is a town rich in noble history, environment, and resources, and as any resident will attest that there is no more fairer place to live.