Builders Surveyed About Green Building Products or Practices

0-50 Natchez Trace Overview

A list of the 21 green building products or practices used per the standards of the National Green Building Standard Certification include solar water heaters, passive solar design, energy management systems, reused or salvaged materials, smart appliances, prefabricated components, building materials driven from renewable resources, recycling construction waste, building materials with recycled content, alternatives to… {Read More}

Upgrading to a New Home – Home Selling Tips

Selling your home is one of the biggest challenges a homeowner will face throughout the life of owning a home.  Upgrading to a new home (2nd or 3rd time home buyer) is not only an investment of equity but also a thrilling adventure, but you have to get the first home sold first!  To do… {Read More}

Land in Louisiana Still Available for Building One-Story Homes

1-229 Bedico Creek Overview

New Orleans is a big city with many surrounding suburbs, and even though it is a populous area, there is still a lot of land in Louisiana on which to build.  The area is less dense than many cities across the country with very little land constraints.  No wonder the US Census Bureau’s Survey of… {Read More}

NAHB States Homeownership Is One of the Highest Investments

2-Lot 34 Autumn Creek Family Room

According to over 80% of Americans surveyed by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), homeownership is one of the highest and best investments in not only a financial future but also an emotional and mental future as well.  Home provides security in investment, security in living (the physical walls of the home), security in… {Read More}

Lot Values Rise at Record High Rate Nationally

15-229 Bedico Creek Backyard Swimming Pool

With half as many homes being started before the Recession, a new record has been set for lots for sale.  Not since 2006 has the cost of a lot exceeded its highest amount of $43,000, but in 2015, the average cost of a lot was $45,000, which is a record high for lot sales.  Lot… {Read More}

What to Know About Researching Your Loan

An article written on a popular website begins with the assumption that you, as the home buyer, are aware that you have the choice to shop your lender.  So let’s start there with the discussion of what you should be learning from the company which is going to be lending you money for what could… {Read More}

New Construction Jobs Support Overall GDP


Home building generates a substantial amount of money for local governments and the federal government just by the nature of the industry.  According to the National Association of Home Builders, approximately 90,000 different governments receive approximately $111 million in taxes and fees from the construction and building of 1,000 single-family homes. Sub-Contractors Contribute Greatest Share… {Read More}

Tax Credits Still Available for Energy Efficient Home Features

New homes which are “green-built” to reduce energy consumption have several benefits to new home buyers.  Many people don’t know that tax credits are still available for the use of energy efficient home features. First of all, because of the usage of the proper insulation, tightly sealed caulking and weather stripping, the home’s interior temperature… {Read More}

NAHB Survey Shows Desire for Better Amenities Among Remodelers

Among the many reasons for remodeling your home, the National Association of Home Builders surveyed homeowners and found that the top reason for a remodel was a desire for better / newer amenities.  In conjunction with this reason, homeowners’ second reason for remodeling their current home was a need to repair / replace old components…. {Read More}

FHA Backed Loans Reported to Have Slight Increase

5-Lot 34 Autumn Creek Back Patio

Certain pricing requirements, mortgage types, and age requirements are considered a trend for first-time home buyers.  Different housing market statistics are indicating that first-time home buyers may soon be increasing to pre-Recession levels. The first indication was a slight uptick in FHA (Federal Housing Authority) backed loans.  With the recent easement of FHA loan requirements… {Read More}

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