School Districts Can Affect the Value of Your Home

Mandeville High School

Anecdotal evidence shows that home buyers will pay up to 10% more for a home that they buy that is in a good school district.  In fact, many people buy homes in good school districts even in the family planning stages before they ever have kids.  Therefore, if you have children or are planning to… {Read More}

Decisions to Make When Installing a Fence

Sometimes you like the idea of having a yard with no boundaries, where you can see everything from your front or back porch with nothing obstructing your view.  Or, if you have pets who also like freedom or maybe neighbors you’d rather not have seeing you, you might want to install a fence in your… {Read More}

Architectural Styles When Building Your Custom Home

When building a fully custom home, the sky’s the limit as to what type of features, customizations, materials, and new home design you would like to use.  One of the options that home buyers forget they have is the exterior and interior architectural style that is available to them when designing the facade and different… {Read More}

Builder Tips When You Build a New or Custom Home

13-713 Night Heron Opulent Master Bath

As a builder, we offer an in-depth building process from design and layout to the final punchlist.  We try to put ourselves in the shoes of our home buyers to make sure we anticipate the questions and needs you will have during the home building process, especially if this is your first new home build… {Read More}

Important Home Buyer Walk Through Information

17-713 Night Heron Double Vanities with Undermounts

When most people think of a walk-through, they think of buying a new home and walking through with a builder to go over the punchlist of items which need to be completed, tweaked, or fixed before closing on the home.  However, there is another type of walk through that can be done by you as… {Read More}

Taking Care of the Details During the Closing Process

Closing on Your Home

You’ve found or had a builder build your perfect home for you, and now it is time for you to complete the transaction and close on your home.  Closing day, if you have never done it before, can be a nerve-wracking process, so this article will help you with the requirements for that day. In… {Read More}

Residential Real Estate Investing Tips & Tricks

11-325 TerraBella Laundry Room

They say that investing in real estate is one of the most secure investments you can make. However, many people who have heard this adage and are used to working within the investment system of stocks and bonds can be unsure as to how exactly to go about investing in real estate.  Below are some… {Read More}

Hidden Home Features Valued by Homeowners

There are many different types of features that people look for in a previously-owned home, as well as a home that is built custom by a new home builder.  These features can include the type of flooring, the type of cabinetry, the type of countertops, and many other selections.  However, there are other “forgotten” features… {Read More}

Know Your Credit Score and Other Helpful Home Buying Tips

Credit Score

There are many tools that new home buyers can use to prepare to become a homeowner, which were not available even a few years ago.  On the Internet, new home buyers can access home loan calculators, tax appraisals, pre-qualification opportunities, and constant credit monitoring.  Some new home buyers may not realize that the last item… {Read More}

Important Home Buying Information

9-196 Bedico Creek Stand-Alone Tub

In case you haven’t been “in the market” to buy a home in a very long time, now its as easy as a touch of your finger to begin the search for the perfect home you wish to buy.  However, this article gives you some helpful tips on how to process and move forward with… {Read More}

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