The economy might be in questionable times right now, but home buyers across the country are having a positive outlook on their home search. According to the recent Housing Trends Report (HTR), ” the share of prospective home buyers expecting their house search to get easier in the months ahead rose to 25% in the first quarter of 2020, up from 16% and 22%, respectively, in the first quarters of 2018 and 2019.”  This has been the third consecutive year-over-year increase in the share of buyers that anticipate more housing inventory.

The Housing Trends Report (HTR) is created by the NAHB Economics team. Their goal is to measure prospective home buyers’ impressions regarding the availability and affordability of homes for sale in the current market. The report is done quarterly and asses the changes in a buyer’s perception over time.

The HTR breaks down its findings by generation. They found that Gen X buyers were among the highest that felt the housing availability will improve while the Boomers were the lowest. The breakdown by generation of buyers expecting their house search to get easier was Gen X at 27%, Millennials at 26%, Gen Z at 22% and Boomers on the bottom at 20%.

Across the country’s regions, the report finds that 20% to 27% feel that their home search will become easier during the following months. The West came in with the highest percentage at 27%, followed by the Northeast and South at 25% and the Midwest came in last at 20%.

Not only do share buyers believe that the numbers will improve but they are reporting that they actually see more houses out there that they like and can afford. The first quarter of 2020 reported 31% compared to the first quarter of 2019 at 30%.

The report shows the breakdown by generations and regions. The highest generation found was Millennials and the highest region was the West. The breakdown for generations came in at 34% Millennials, 32% Gen Z, 29% Gen X and 24% Boomers. For regions, the West was 33%, the South came in at 32%, the Northeast at 30% and the Midwest last at 25%.

This is good news for the moral of the current housing market. Now is a great time to purchase a new home.

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