A List of Reasons to Include Estate Shutters to Your Home Decor

When it comes to your home, you want to make it is your own space with timeless pieces. Estate shutters are a good investment because they fit every style of interior and most any room in your house.

“Classic, sophisticated, timeless, this window treatment is never a mistake. They can be modern, contemporary, or traditional. They work everywhere,” said interior designer Karlie Adams, of Denver.

Here are six reasons why you should install estate shutters in your home.

The very first reason is obvious, it’s for the looks. Shutters are an element that can stand alone in almost any interior of a home. Shutters have a finished look on their own. Even the ancient Greeks used them in their homes back in 800 BC. Shutters have been around for an extremely long time because of their goods looks and sun-blocking ability.

Next, they are very versatile. They fit in all kinds of different style interiors and all different kinds of rooms. From informal to formal they work perfectly. The same shutter can work in a laundry room that is also in the formal dining room.

Another reason is control. Sometimes you want a dark room while other times you want an open and bright airy feel. Shutters can allow you to control privacy, light, and airflow which keep your home cool and save energy.

Color choice is another good reason. Shutters can come in a variety of colors and can also be stained. Most people choose white shutters because they reflect the sun and heat. In fact, over 90% of the shutters sold, said Nathan Swartz, who owns Shutter Professionals, in Orlando are white.

Longevity is a great reason to install shutters. “People like shutters because they never have to cover their windows again,” said Swartz. Curtains fade and also change in style with the design trends. Shutters also do not have mechanical parts that break or not cords that can be a risk to children or animals.

The last reason and most important reason is for resale value. Realtors will include shutters in their descriptions but will skip out on blinds and curtains. This is a great added bonus to a buyer. Shutters are rarely ever changed out like curtains or blinds.

Remember if you are planning to add these classic window treatments to your home, shop and compare prices and samples.

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